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Pool equipment, styles, techniques, and programs all continue to evolve with public swimming pools. Commercial pools include Municipal, Hotel, Clubs, Resorts, Therapy, Apartments and Condominiums. In recent years many existing pools have received facelifts, new water features, new lighting, as well as new pumps and filters. New equipment has been designed to make these pools safer as well. These categories include Safety Covers, Chemical Automation & Recording, Anti-Entrapment drain covers, Safety Vacuum Release Devices, Emergency Contact Phone, Motion Detecting Alarms, Signage, Lifeguard Equipment, and Lightning Detection.

VGB Enforcement

The cpsc has begun the enforcement portion of the VGB Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Please click HERE to read a copy of the letter many facilies have begun to receive.

Commercial Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Site Components

  • Fencing should be completely around the pool perimeter, at least four feet or higher to comply with local codes in limiting access.
  • Gates and doors should be self-closing. Self locking at entrance points.
  • Keyed access only on doors leading to pool.
  • Night illumination of pool and deck area.
  • Install an emergency phone (required by many States).
  • Keep all mechanical equipment and chemicals behind locked doors.
  • Closed-circuit television monitoring for horseplay or unauthorized entry.

Pool Components

  • Visible and approved depth markings at the waterline and the deck. These should be located and sized in accordance to your local or State Codes.
  • The edge of steps and breakpoints should be marked with a 2" line of an offsetting color. Please check your local or State Codes.
  • Single drain pools must be equipped with an SVRS or replaced with dual drains.
  • Dual and multiple drain pools must be inspected for pipe diameter and flow rates. Then calculated to determine if drain pipe and openings are sufficient to accomodate flow. (If flow increases due to a pump change this study will need to be done again.)
  • All suction ports need to be covered with an approved cover for the application in accordance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.
  • If there are diving areas mark them as such. Mark no diving areas as well as no diving pools as such.

Post Written Rules

  • Post signs indicated NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY (if that is the case)
  • Post signs detailing permissible / prohibited activities.
  • Post signs and give notice to parents to closely supervise their children.
  • Post depth markers.
  • Post diving rules in diving areas. Clearly mark no diving areas.
  • Post NO RUNNING signs.

Enforce Rules and Regulations

  • Pool should be in compliance with all State / Local Department of Health codes.
  • Enforce NO GLASSWARE IN POOL AREA rules.
  • Enforce your policy regarding alcoholic beverages.
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